Merch Feature: Fiction Tea Designs.

I love bookmarks.

It’s true.  I’m actually a little bit obsessed with them.

I especially love bookmarks that match my favourite books.  And someone who has a lot of those is Lauren at Fiction Tea Designs.


Lauren was one of the first accounts I followed on Instagram, and is honestly one of the inspirations behind me joining the bookstagram community.  When I found out that, as well as being a lovely person, she was also a talented artist with a stash of gorgeous fandom inspired bookmarks, I knew I had to get some!

These are some of my favourites – they’re such good quality and, as they’re not printed on shiny card, they’re great t photograph too!  Trust me, the struggle to photograph shiny card is real!! As well as keeping my place in my current reads, you’ll see a lot of Lauren’s bookmarks popping up in my pictures too!


Lauren is constantly coming up with new designs and updating her Etsy store, so make sure to check it out here.  She also has some of her designs features in FairyLoot boxes (I’ll get to them soon!) – if you get their monthly box, keep an eye out for FictionTea Designs!

And keep an eye out here for more bookish merch features from my favourite small businesses!

Much love, Faeries x


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