Book Review: Finale

The Book: Finale by Stephanie Garner

The Rating: 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The Review:

“The most magnificent things are worth living for.”

Of course, I had to start my review of this incredible book with the hidden quote from my copy. And when I say incredible, I mean it!

Finale is the perfect ending to what has been an amazing-to-read trilogy. I came to this series quite late, in that I only read Caraval for the first time in March, but I’m actually quite glad about that. It’s meant I’ve been able to completely immerse myself in the world that Stephanie Garber has created by binge reading the entire series pretty much one after the other!

Like the previous books, Finale picks up pretty soon after the end of Legendary, and we’re thrust straight into the action. Unlike the previous two books, which were told from the point of view of one of the Dragna sisters, Finale switches between their points of view. I absolutely loved this method of storytelling, as it meant I knew more of what was going on in the world of Caraval and the lives of Scarlett and Tella.

For me, Scarlett and Julian were the best couple. I adored their story in Caraval, and being able to read more of the tale from Scarlett’s point of view was a real highlight for me in this book. Scarlett goes on a real journey of self discovery in this book as she discovers more about her past and ultimately fights to make her future what she wants it to be.

The interactions between all of the main characters were full of the usual witty banter that I’ve come to expect from Stephanie’s writing. I especially loved the interactions between Legend, Tella and Jacks. Also, let’s add Jacks to the list of bad guys we love to hate!!

Once again, the stand out element for me was Stephanie’s descriptions of the world and the characters. Her writing is so vibrant, it pretty much jumps of the page. I love writing that sweeps you away, and these books definitely have that ability!

Overall, reading the Caraval trilogy has been an amazing experience. I’ve laughed, cried, squealed with delight and shock, and fallen head over heels in love with these characters.

I can’t wait to read more of Stephanie Garber’s books, and I’m looking forward to her next adventure!

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