Graphic Novel Review: The Steel Prince

The Novel: The Steel Prince by VE Schwab

The Rating: 3.5🌟

The Review:

“I suppose we never know the scale of our life’s stories. Which parts will survive, and which will die with us.”

Let me start this review by saying that The Steel Prince is officially my first EVER graphic novel, so that is going to have a big impact on my overall review.  I think I definitely struggled with getting into this story due to the format, and I will probably come back and read it again at a later date once I’m more familiar with graphic novels!

Overall, I really enjoyed the story of The Steel Prince.  Maxim Maresh was a rather shadowy character in the first Shades of Magic trilogy, so for me it was interesting looking into his back story and his character before those books.  You see him as an impetuous and rash young man, which is so different to how he is in A Darker Shade of Magic, and I think that reading about his journey in future instalments is going to really add to the world that VE Schwab has created.

The new characters who were introduced in this graphic novel were all well written and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better in the next part of the trilogy.  I especially liked the character of Isra.  She was feisty and fun, and I really hope her character is developed more in the next novel.

I think my main issue with The Steel Prince was the lack of overall story development.  This is entirely down to me not being used to graphic novels as a format, I think.  Novels allow the author to develop stories in greater detail due to the amount of prose, whereas this is obviously absent in a graphic novel.  I’m hoping a reread at a later date (probably when all three graphic novels are published) will help me to enjoy the unique way in which Maxim’s story is told.

That being said, the artwork in this graphic novel is STUNNING and I loved the level of detail which was created.

This was a great story and I definitely enjoyed it, but I’m not confident enough with the graphic novel format for me to say I absolutely loved it.

Have you read The Steel Prince?  What are your recommendations for graphic novels?


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